What are compression stockings?

At Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates, we recommend prescription-strength gradient compression stocking for all of our patients suffering from venous insufficiency. Compression stockings are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain good venous return and reduce discomfort and swelling that can be caused by blood pooling and clotting in the leg. These stockings are worn on the legs from the foot to the upper thigh, or to just below the knee. 
Most all insurances require patients to wear compression stockings for a minimum of 3 months before authorizing other types of vein treatment. 
To be sure that your stockings fit appropriately, it is best to purchase your compression stockings at a medical supply store where you will be fitted by a specially trained member.   
Be sure to ask us for a list of references.

We offer our patients a wide variety of compression stockings from Juzo, a leading manufacturer of high quality medical hosiery. To learn more about Juzo products, please click here.

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Prescription-strength refers to the pressure in mmHg being equal or greater than 30 (20-30mmHg or higher compression) units. 15-20mmHg compression stockings are NOT considered prescription-grade. 
Gradient stockings refer to stockings that are tighter at the ankle section and gradually become less tight toward the top of the stockings. This encourages blood flow and fluid to drain upwards towards the heart.

Yes. Some stockings are easier to put on because of the way they are stitched. Top of the line brands, such as: Medi, Juzo, Jobst and Sigvaris are all created with easy dual stretch characteristics. With compression stockings, you get what you pay for.