Case of the month January 2019

Written by Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates staff member Eric Kisic.

This 59 year old male patient has had pain and swelling in both lower legs for several years. In fact the patient has been wearing compression stockings for the last two years without any improvement in his symptoms. He was scheduled for a venogram with intravascular ultrasound procedure. Findings showed both large veins from the legs were being compressed by the arteries in the pelvic area. This condition didn’t not allow the blood to flow out of the legs which led to the veins failing and blood backing up in the legs. Stents were placed in the veins at the site of compression allowing for better blood flow. At a one month follow up visit the patient said the pain had completely resolved with a noticeable decrease in swelling. Ultrasound images below show the before and after measurements of the vein. Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates is excited that we were able to diagnose and correct our patients vascular problems. If you feel you have problems with your legs please don’t hesitate to contact us for a check up. At Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates we care about your vascular health. 

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sonogram image

sonogram image 2

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