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About Dr. Inna Lamm

Inna Lamm, MD has been practicing medicine for over two decades. ​
She completed her residency at UPMC in 2001 and is board certified in Internal Medicine. She joined Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates in 2010 and has extensive training in vascular medicine.
Dr. Lamm provides comprehensive care for patients with venous insufficiency. She focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with a wide spectrum of venous problems, thromboembolic disease, and iliac vein compression. She performs sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy of varicose veins, as well as cosmetic sclerotherapy.
Focused on life-style modifications, Dr. Lamm helps our patients to prevent the progression of vascular disease and improve overall health. She works closely with her patients to help them understand the disease process and make an informed decision regarding treatment options.
Dr. Lamm brings years of expertise and experience to our practice. She currently sees patients at our Jefferson location.

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