Pain Free Walking Exercise Therapy.

How can GPVA Jefferson help?

Walking is a great way to circulate the blood flow in your legs. Walking on a treadmill is the way to start. Walk in small amounts at first and don’t do to much. Build up to a goal. Start out small and take steps to increase your work out slowly. 

Heavy exercise is not the target therapy for PAD recovery. When you exercise vigorously your body is working to supply blood to all the body parts on an efficient level. When you are recovering from a surgery you need to take small steps to get back to a healthy level. 

You know your body and legs. Listen to the signs and signals they may be telling you and inform your doctor. Learn the basics of developing an exercise training program if you’ve been diagnosed or treated for PAD. 

man's legs running

Risk Factors

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • History of Smoking

  • Advanced Age

  • Excess Weight

  • Family History of PAD

PAD can also increase risk for heart attack and stroke.

How can Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates help you?

Take steps for your vascular health by visiting the Website or call 412-469-1500 and make an appointment to talk with Nicole Bruno Nurse Practitioner, Doctor Inna Lamm, Dr. Gennady Geskin or Dr. Michael Mulock. They are easily approachable, trained in the signs of PAD and capable of executing a plan to get your vascular health restored. 

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