Case of the month December 2018

Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates ( Jefferson )

Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates Patient with leg problems
Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates Patient with leg problems seated

A new patient to our services, Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates, is a 79 year old female. She was referred by her primary care physician. She’s been having severe pain in her left calf after walking 50 to 100 feet. Once the patient stops walking, the pain goes away. An arterial ultrasound study was done and suggested a severe blockage in the superficial femoral ( thigh ) artery and popliteal ( knee ) artery. She also has hyperlipidemia ( high cholesterol ). The patient’s most recent LDL ( bad ) cholesterol was 120.

image of blocked artery
Blockage in Thigh Artery

Blockage in thigh artery treatment with laser, balloon and stent Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Assoaciates
After Laser, Balloon and Stent
three vessel runoff diagram
Three Vessel Runoff

The procedure began by using an ultrasound probe to help access the artery on top of the left foot. Angiograms showed 99% blockage in the femoral ( thigh ) artery with three vessel runoff distally ( calf ) to the foot. A small laser catheter was passed through the blockage dissolving some of the plaque. A balloon catheter was then used to open the blockage further. Finally a stent was inserted to support the vessel walls. Final angiograms show excellent results with good three vessel runoff distally ( calf ).

laser treatment of blocked artery graphic
Laser Catheter
Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates Recovery Room
GPVA Jefferson Recovery Room

 After a short time in our recovery room the patient was discharged for home with only a few restrictions for 48 hours. This patient also had medication doses increased for cholesterol and was placed on a blood thinner. The patient will have a follow appointment in one month, and at that time an ultrasound of the affected leg will be done and reviewed with the patient.