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Amputation Prevention Program

As a part of Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates’ Amputation Prevention Program, our physicians provide specialized treatment for patients with limb-threatening conditions, including diabetic foot ulcers and infections, as well as peripheral arterial disease and venous ulcerations.

The aim of our Amputation Prevention Program is to help patients alleviate pain, regain mobility, heal their wounds faster, and salvage theirs limbs, ultimately preventing the need for amputation. We focus on addressing underlying causes and developing individualized plans for each patient.

The treatment provided in our program has an impressive track record of success, with patients turning to us and our Amputation Prevention Program, often as a last resort treatment option.
With advanced diagnostic imaging, a vascular laboratory for minimally invasive procedures, and a partner podiatry practice at our Jefferson Hills location — our practitioners are leading providers of amputation prevention services in the area.

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